Hello there Crypto Miners! 🕴📊

ZenGo will be taking over Crypto Idle Miner with a special Event and never-seen-before prize pool and with a special offer for Crypto Idle Miners! 💰💰💰

What is ZenGo?

ZenGo is a non-custodial, keyless crypto wallet, making it the simplest yet most secure wallet to…

Hello there Crypto Idle Miner! 👋

So, you’re hooked, and you can’t stop playing Crypto Idle Miner, but you need something extra? Or you heard something about our awesome Event system and wanna be a part of it?

Great! We will explain everything to you, nice and in-details what you…

Hello there Crypto Idle Miners! 👋

As you probably can guess it from the title, this is a very important topic, and we will try to explain everything as detailed and straightforward as we can.

Lately, you’ve probably seen some amazing things happening in the crypto world: Bitcoin reached an…

Hello there Crypto Miners 👋

Recently, TronWalletMe has announced that they will be shutting down their TronWallet app and that they will be moving to new Klever app. This shut down will happen on February 28,2021.

You can find this info on their official Twitter, and we will post a…

Hello there Crypto Idle Miners!

So this is it, something amazing has happened! Crypto Idle Miner has surpassed 100.000+ downloads on Google Play! Woohoo! 🙌

It has been one amazing ride guys, and we owe everything to you — our dear players!
So, we want to say massive thank you for…

IMPORTANT: You need to have Crypto Idle Miner v1.2.1 installed in order to withdraw tokens on Tron wallets. All previous withdrawal requests to ethereum wallets will be cancelled by our side (since we have moved token to Tron network). …

Spread the word!

In the following text we will explain a bit more about what referral program is, what it will do, how we will use ours and what this means for you — our players and supporters.

What is a referral program?

In past couple of years, referral program managed to…

Beginning of Crypto Idle Miner development

This is going to be a long post. Grab some snacks and hydrate yourself frequently.

Mobiles. Games. Crypto-currencies. Mining. Online earnings through entertainment and gaming.
5 niches in 1 game app.
Prepare. We are going to shake the cryptocurrency space with our imagination and skills.

The ground breaking technology of Blockchain…

As Crypto Idle Miner approaches to the release date at a fast pace, the time has come to reveal some more information about the… wait for it… Hora Token!!!

OK, let us begin from the very start.
The Hora Token is a token that can be earned exclusively by playing Crypto…

It has been quite of a journey for all of us, these past months — since we revealed our project to the public eye and gave you an introduction to Crypto Idle Miner, our idea, first prototype, playable Beta and now official game release!

At the very start of this…

Hora Games

Mobile games development company, maker of Crypto Idle Miner blockchain mobile game. http://horagames.com

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