Hello there Crypto Idle Miners!

So this is it, something amazing has happened! Crypto Idle Miner has surpassed 100.000+ downloads on Google Play! Woohoo! 🙌

It has been one amazing ride guys, and we owe everything to you — our dear players!
So, we want to say massive thank you for making this happen! Thank you for every single like on our social media, comment and review! Also, have in mind that your constructive criticism has helped us tremendously! We have listened to every single inbox message and email!

Let us give you some small info updates about the project itself.

District 2 is almost finished, that highly anticipated new game content, new buildings to set your rigs in!

District 2 will bring a lot of changes which we won’t disclose too much now, maybe we will need to dedicate a separate Medium text in which we will go more into details what upcoming updates will contain. We’ll just drop some teasers — More buildings, Daily Quests, Crypto Pass, XP overhaul, new currency system, GUI redesign.

We wanted to keep this one in this note — to express our gratitude for sticking with us, and making this dream possible for us! To celebrate this properly, we want to reward you with some HORA tokens, so please enter following promo code and keep enjoying in our game!

Promo Code: CIM100K
Expires on 15.09.2020.

We have to go now, those updates won’t finish on it’s own! 🛠️

Once again, thank you for everything and until next Medium post — happy mining! ⛏💰️

All the best from Hora Games team! ❤️

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