Changes in the current withdraw system and the future of the HORA token

Hello there Crypto Idle Miners! 👋

As you probably can guess it from the title, this is a very important topic, and we will try to explain everything as detailed and straightforward as we can.

Lately, you’ve probably seen some amazing things happening in the crypto world: Bitcoin reached an all-time-high, DOGE had a fantastic ride, Ethereum was just wow-ing us all, and many other cryptocurrencies had huge spikes! Which was extraordinary to witness! 🚀 💰

With these spikes and the rise of cryptocurrencies, we hope that you realized that you have to hop on this train and be a part of it before it’s too late! ⏳ 🚋

But, something also happened what we couldn’t predict or even anticipate.
If you haven’t heard, TRON transaction fees have increased by over 400%! This changes everything and is affecting us pretty hard. Not only us but many dapp developers too. In the case you missed this info, you can check it out here:

What does this mean?
Even though the rise of crypto is something that we had in the back of our minds, and we praise it all the time, this hasn’t affected us much as TRON transaction fees rise. The rise of 4x for transaction fees on TRON (to existing rise of crypto) is something that we simply couldn’t predict or even imagine that would happen. With this move, TRON has impacted all developers and increased their costs significantly, in our case — everything became 20x more expensive. With the current business model, this system is not sustainable, and we will actually have to lose more than we earn. Simple as that. Therefore, some changes need to happen.

How will this affect you as a player, and what we plan to do?
This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we need to think smart and think about Hora Games and Crypto Idle Miner’s future. We want to remain faithful to our policy that we cover all transaction fees (for now), but we will limit all withdraws to once per month on a scheduled date. Also, we will raise the limit of the minimum amount to withdraw to 10000 HORA tokens.

At this moment, we want to find the best possible solution for both sides, you guys as our players and us, on the other side. The current system is not sustainable due to the changes we already presented. With that said, here’s what we plan to do:

We want to find an alternative that will be an excellent solution for everyone in the long run, because this is a marathon, not a sprint race!
Already we are eyeing some great possibilities that could be awesome for the token and the game itself, but more about that when the time is right.

What’s the future and our plan?
Several good things came out of this situation; we are working on a “Withdraw Timer” feature to clear out the current confusion about the withdraw approvals. We will have a fixed date, and you will know when to expect your tokens.

The second one… This one is good… Token usability! This has speeded up delivering something that we promised as soon as we launched the token. And at this moment, we can tell you that some NFTs are cooking in the Hora Games kitchen. 🔥

The third one: we are on a look out for a different and better network which will support lower transaction fees, better markets to start the trading to roll.

Oh, how do you like the concepts of these new rigs?

New Concepts

To conclude it:

  1. The minimum amount for withdraw is 10000 HORA, and you will receive your tokens once per month on a scheduled date.
  2. Usability is coming!
  3. All additional changes in our ecosystem will be announced publicly, as always!

This is it for now, back to work, and see you guys soon! 😊

All the best,
Hora Games team