Crypto Idle Miner’s referral program

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In the following text we will explain a bit more about what referral program is, what it will do, how we will use ours and what this means for you — our players and supporters.

What is a referral program?

In past couple of years, referral program managed to become one of the key factors for crypto-currency, blockchain and gaming community, and certainly one of the most beloved ones. Since referral program is one way of marketing channels, we, as a company, will use this one as well.

For those who don’t know, we will put it simple — referral program is word-to-mouth marketing on steroids. Even though this sounds funny, but at the end of the day, this sums it up pretty well — no complicated definitions or explanations. With referral program we will systematically encourage our players and community members to tell other people about our game, Crypto Idle Miner, and our Hora Token. Sort of a loyalty program for our players and community members,

What this means for you and what will it do?

Our referral program will enable you to earn some additional Hora Tokens by spreading the word about our game — Crypto Idle Miner. We know the statistics, if you like the product (in this case, our game), you are most likely to recommend it to a friend. About 83% of happy customers would refer a product after a positive experience, according to Texas Tech University. To us, a referral program is more than that, it is the perfect solution — because we don’t want to use other channels of advertising and alienate ourselves from our players. We could easily go and hire an Influencer or do a Facebook campaign but that’s not the point. We want to reward our players, we want to give something back to you, or to give you a boost if you are already telling everyone about Crypto Idle Miner. Basically, our way of saying thanks for spreading the word about our game.

Invite friends in game popup

You will be able to generate a link in the game app which will be personalized (whoever generates one, it will automatically become yours) and will be able to invite other people (friends, acquaintances or totally random people but we will use term friend in the following text to ease the confusion and it sounds much better) to play our game. The more people accepts your invitation link, the more you will potentially earn. Also, we have some in-game goodies such as pets, plants, cash and other for each invitee you bring to the game.

Why potentially earn?

Potentially because, your earnings from this referral system will depend on the earnings of invited friend. Which means that your invited friend will have to spend some time playing Crypto Idle Miner. Enough time to earn some Hora Tokens. Our distribution chart of Hora Tokens can be found on our second Medium post, this link here.

You will earn 5% of earnings that your invitee acquires in Crypto Idle Miner. This is not like those referral systems you probably saw online “refer this product to a friend and achieve 20% discount”. We create it especially in this way so it cannot be abused. Since Hora Token is cryptocurrency “exclusively mined” by play time and game progression, your referral earnings will depend on time spent playing of your referred friends. Our backend will track everything and you will receive your referral earnings on a season end (weekly basis), following the same principle as Hora Tokens earned by playing Crypto Idle Miner.

Let’s wrap it up for this one!

We think that this is enough for this Medium post, especially for people who aren’t familiar with this and are still in learning process. If you are intrigued by this and want to find out more what we posted in the past, check our other Medium posts here: And of course that we will be here to clear any potential doubts or concerns so feel free to reach out to us via social links below. We want to welcome and encourage you to participate in our referral program. You’ve been amazing so far, and now it’s the moment to promote you to official Crypto Idle Miner Ambassadors!

Until next time, as always, all the best from Hora Games!


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