The Expert’s guide to Hora Games vision!

Beginning of Crypto Idle Miner development

This is going to be a long post. Grab some snacks and hydrate yourself frequently.

Mobiles. Games. Crypto-currencies. Mining. Online earnings through entertainment and gaming.
5 niches in 1 game app.
Prepare. We are going to shake the cryptocurrency space with our imagination and skills.

The ground breaking technology of Blockchain can easily change the ways of how we use money, how we understand money and value, how we exchange it, and most important, how we secure and store valuable information online, that cannot be edited or erased, ever.
Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, we are able to use this technology and allow players all across the world feel and experience the power of the tools we use at Hora Games development studio.

This blog post is about our long term vision, about our biggest fears and our enormous excitement, and we hope that we will be able to help developers, investors, players and non-tech savvy users join us in our magnificent journey, through our games (and maybe even through non-game related applications).

Almost every non-tech savvy person thinks creating an application, a game, a website or any other online product can be easy.
In most cases, they are right.
Creating something innovative from ground zero, isn’t.

We come across big challenges that need to be solved in-house and on schedule, without any external help, without being able to Google the solution, because what we do is new and no one has posted any questions and answers online about it.

By doing this, we get rich knowledge and are able to set new heights in this industry, for future generation of developers and users who will be joining this ecosystem.

Hora Games studio is aiming to become the main brand name for crypto-currency gaming, crypto-game publishing and maybe consultation, in case everything goes as we have planned for the unpredictable future. Just kidding. We are excited for the future, and all this thanks to more than 4000 users who have pre-registered for the official release, and around 1000 private beta testers who have been helping us for this long, by spending their time testing the game. You da real MVPs.

Fear is a natural instinct which warns you of dangerous and unfamiliar situations.
It’s normal for human beings who try new experiences to be scared, excited, or even not understand the position they are in, until the outcome is visible.
For that reason, we are trying to communicate with our community as much possible, to understand the position we are in, to explore expectations and build an addictive product, as our first try in this 5 in 1 niche product that we are creating, and calling it Crypto Idle Miner.

Crypto Idle Miner (We’ll call it “CIM” from here) was designed with main focus on keeping it as simple as possible, so even non-crypto and non-tech savvy users can understand it fast and easily, with excitement, and the most important, learn about the world of magic internet money and how it’s designed to improve the broken financial system, which keeps failing us every single day.

It’s all about that tapping on your little device’s screen, enjoying CIM responsibly (ha. It’s a trap. You will get addicted), get rewarded with HORA tokens, and compete with that friend of yours who thinks crypto-currencies aren’t a thing.

We didn’t invent idle games (AKA, clicker games, incremental, etc), but we are focusing on building the best one possible, by investing our time into learning from our own, and other people’s mistakes. What could go wrong, right? Oh boy, don’t get us started.

Idle games are simple. They don’t require aiming skills, or anything that a 5 year old, or 75 year old person doesn’t have.

Living life nowadays has become pretty fast, and this means that we don’t have time to spend on games that require a lot of time, since other activities require it. Even our attention span is decreasing, since we live in a world where information flows in front of our eyes 24/7, and most of it isn’t useful, at all.

Take MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Player) games as an example, which require countless hours of grinding, nerve breaking moments, and even money. Money as in “play to win” money.

Isn’t gaming supposed to be FUN?
Isn’t gaming supposed to be enjoyable by everyone, and not just the ones who can simply buy the items they need and reach the end game, before most of us even realize how to play the game?

We ask ourselves, why do most of companies create games that bore you after a few minutes, hours, or days? It’s because most of those companies monetize their games through selling virtual goods. This industry can be seen as a big ocean, and those companies throw their nets and catch some fish, which is totally expected.

Idle games seem to be the best games, which were made for users who enjoy playing, but don’t have a lot of time to invest, players who don’t like losing items obtained through playing countless hours because they took the right turn, instead of the left turn.

That’s why we are focusing at one of those game genres.
You always win. Even when game is turned off, and even when you sleep.

You can play them while multitasking. We don’t want you to break your head to figure out what you need to do. You figure it out yourself, since it’s not hard to understand. It’s just tapping on the screen, goddamn it!(We won’t be writing about taking the phone to the restroom, and getting stuck inside for more time than we are supposed to spend in there.)

Our biggest fear is to be misunderstood, because of all the scams we have seen in this space. We want to give an image that reflects who we really are, and not who we pretend to be.

Aaaaaaand, it’s an ICO!
No. It’s not an ICO.
We are aiming to implement a token into our game(s) and applications, which can and will be used by other developers as well, for their own games and apps. There are many benefits of using HORA token, but this is a topic for a different blog post, that I hope I won’t have to write. /s
Oh, and for those who are wondering did something changed in our plans, on which network our token will be built… Well, let’s say that we will give you a small update on that. Why? — Because we are currently negotiating with one of the biggest crypto companies in the world and we don’t want to jinx anything. And, that news definitively deserves single/dedicated Medium post! So, stay tuned!

Now, you will ask:
Aren’t there other companies who are doing this with their tokens?” Yes, but to be short and not waste valuable time, we will not answer this question, instead we will let you decide if quality beats quantity?

Hora Games will be creating a gaming hub, which welcomes developers and players who enjoy spending time playing quality games, get lost in time and make a buck, or two.
For this reason, we have registered a domain which will serve for this purpose in the future.

  • Current main focus is the launch of CIM, which will happen in March.
  • Second priority will be the creation of our marketplace, which will allow users from our network buy and sell their tokenized items.
  • Third priority will be the creation of the hub, which will allow users from other games and applications to buy and sell their items.
  • Fourth priority will be development of games that we have started but haven’t finished.
  • Partnerships with key players in our niche(s)
  • More to be announced.

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or any other inquiries, you can always get in touch with us through our channels below.

Until next time, we wish you a nice day.


Mobile games development company, maker of Crypto Idle Miner blockchain mobile game.

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